Your friendly neighborhood print shop

Submitting A Request

Over the years, our print shop has grown to support the requests from our district employees. With each new service we add, comes more interest from around the district. Our goal is to have each project completed within two weeks (10 business days), but sometimes this is not possible. We appreciate your patients and understanding if we are unable to complete your job within this time period.

Your project will consist of three stages: gathering the supporting documents, submitting a project request form and then working with our design team through the proofing steps.

Step One

Collect all supporting documents including:

  • The proofed and final text to be used in your project saved in PDF, MS Word or plain text format
  • Any images or graphics in a high resolution format. We accept .tiff, .eps, .jpg at 300dpi. Please avoid images that have been resized for the web (.png, .gif)
  • Sponsorship information and high resolution sponsor logos, if applicable
  • Event date, location, and time, if applicable
  • Contact name, phone number, and email address, if applicable
  • Budget Code

Step Two

Complete the Request Form.

Step Three

Work with your designer through the production schedule and proofing process.